Robinson R44 II

The Robinson R44 is the world’s best selling general aviation helicopter. It  has proven itself to be extremely reliable, safe and comfortable making it the preferred choice for many operations. It is a 4-seat piston helicopter with a cruise speed of 110 knots.

The R44 is an ideal aircraft to complete your helicopter licence in whatever your goals are. If you wish to obtain a PPL(H) licence and want to fly your friends or family around one day, the R44 allows for the pilot plus 3 passengers to fly in comfort. If you wish to obtain a CPL(H) licence and enter the job market, your first job is most likely to be in a R44 helicopter due to their market dominance in the tourism sector. Whilst other schools often offer 20 hours as part of your licence in the R44, we have found when placing past students in our tourism operation in the flinders ranges, the additional R44 time they gained has been invaluable throughout the early stages of their career.