About Us

Aerostar Aviation is part of a group of aviation companies, the first of which started in Adelaide in the 1980s. The Aerostar Group now includes:

  • Helistar Aviation – the largest South Australian owned helicopter company, operating at Parafield and Adelaide Airports.
  • Aerostar Aviation – flying training from ab-initio to multi-engine IFR plus charter and aircraft hire operating at Parafield Airport.
  • DroneCo – drone aerial photography & commercial drone services
  • NAC – aircraft maintenance providers

We have a modern fleet of aircraft from Cessna 172, 182s and a Beechcraft Baron G58 – as well as helicopters, with 8 based in Adelaide and 2 in Parafield, where PPL and CPL training is conducted.


Aerostar’s key priority is your safety. To ensure we meet the highest levels of safety performance, we have implemented a Safety Management System that conforms to the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s safety management framework and to AS4801 for safety management systems.

Key clients of the Aerostar Group audit our safety management system on a regular basis so you can rest assured that we conform to these standards.

Meet Our Team

David Forsyth

David Forsyth

HOFO, HOO, Grade 1 Flight Instructor (Fixed Wing)

Dave Fiorito

HOO (Rotary), HOTAC, Grade 1 Flight Instructor (Helicopter and Fixed Wing)

Mathan Katharesan

Charter Pilot & Grade 1 Flight Instructor (Fixed Wing)

John Fairclough

Grade 1 Flight Instructor (Fixed Wing)

Matt Brooker

Grade 2 Flight Instructor (Fixed Wing)

Harsimar Singh

Harsimar Singh

Grade 3 Flight Instructor & Charter Pilot (Fixed Wing)

Harry Wightman

Grade 2 Flight Instructor (Fixed Wing)

Danny Tews

Grade 3 Flight Instructor & Charter Pilot (Helicopter)

Afiona Ismail

Admin & Helicopter Pilot